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Excellent entrepreneurial spirit

For most companies, social responsibility is no longer a unfamiliar concept, and those ambitious and striving for excellence are also actively practicing their social responsibility through practical actions. In recent years, more and more entrepreneurs have actively engaged in public welfare while creating job opportunities and promoting local economic development. During the epidemic prevention and control period, entrepreneurs actively acted and took on responsibilities, making contributions in material donations, epidemic prevention material supply, resumption of work and production, and stable employment, fully demonstrating a sense of responsibility and mission.

   Currently, in the external environment of rising protectionism, sluggish global economy, and shrinking global market, it is necessary to create an environment conducive to entrepreneurs' talent, further activate and unleash entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs themselves should fully understand the importance of taking social responsibility in establishing a friendly external environment, establishing a good brand reputation, and winning consumer confidence. Concentrate on doing one's own thing well and firmly promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

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