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Customized silk-screen printing acrylic control panel

Product Name:customized silk-screen printing acrylic control panel
Manufacturer: Dimai
Available Material:PC, PMMA, PVC, PET, etc.

Standard thickness
PC: 0.175—6.0mm (matt, anti-glare, anti scratch, anti-UV)
PMMA: 0.5-10.0mm (matt, anti-glare, anti scratch, anti-UV)

Color:As requested
Double side adhesive 3M9495, 3M9080, ,etc.
Operating temperature
PC: -40°C- 90°C PMMA: -40°C- 80°C
finish:anti-glare surface, anti-fog surface, anti-fingerprint surface, gloosy surface, frosted surface
Printing:Silk-screen printing

Molding method:By CNC cutting and Laser cutting , without tooling

Product Name:customized silk-screen printing acrylic control panel

Manufacturer: Dimai 

Application scenario: The product is mainly used in home appliance display cover plate /POS cash register perspective lens/smart speaker touch keypad perspective lens/mobile phone protection lens/medical panel lens, smart electronic product control panel etc

Can be customized: Yes

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